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Elect Lent C. Carr, II,
Hoke County Commissioner 2024
CARR is a Life-Long Democrat Visionary Pragmatist 
Advocating The Long Overdue Will of The People, for The People, of The People and by The People. A Fresh 21st Century Voice for Innovative Human & Physical 
Infrastructure, Job Creation and Transparent Governance Proponent. 

Expect Great Inclusive Changes for a Better Tomorrow for ALL Citizens and Businesses of Hoke County-- Irrespective of party affiliation, ethnicity, social status and the "Old-Political Guard's" Long Held Finite Aristocracy Branding of Governance That Seek Only to Divide & Conquer, Not Unite.

Hoke County’s Candidate for County Commissioner, Lent C. Carr’s Proposed Policies and Priorities...

Lent Carr’s top priorities as a compassionate Candidate vying for Hoke County Commissioner include:

+Cutting taxes and cutting out unnecessary and wasteful "Pork Spending" by Investing in The People and Businesses that's the bedrock of our County-- Our Citizens

+Providing a 21st Century Innovative and Comprehensive transportation solutions to commensurate the constant and ever evolving  growth of Hoke County 

+Ensuring responsible growth by investing into infrastructure projects that will change the face of the "old political guard's" outdated and antiquated visions of yesteryear

+Trailblazing the long overdue mandate to build an additional state of the art Traditional  High School to relieve overcrowding and educational disparities;

+Working collaboratively with law enforcement and the school board to make sure we have proven safety solutions ready and in place to protect our kids. In response to recent police brutalities and murders of black, brown, asians, and poor whites across The United States-- I look forward to sitting at the think tank table of our Elected Sheriff and Elected Commissioners to assist in creating policies that will provide every citizen of Hoke "Equal and Humane Protections Under Law," including protections and safety of our Law Enforcement Personnel;

Address the very real homelessness issue that’s faced Hoke County for years with no viable solution being put into place i.e, Lent Carr's commitment to establish a Homeless Shelter/Voucher Program for Families of Hoke who has found themselves displaced (including a Graduating Homeliness Rehabilitation Program);

+Push for a more friendly business policy in order to attract new businesses to Hoke County while at the same time providing incentives to those preexisting businesses that have served our Community well for many years; 

+In connection with other infrastructure needs— Lent Carr will fight for those citizens residing in Hoke County who travel destructive and substandard dirt roads by fighting to gravel their respective community’s entrance and exit streets; 

+Ascertain Hoke Countians have clean and abundant air and water for generations to come; 

+But most of all Lent Carr’s resolved in bringing transparency, integrity and the voice of citizenry back to the People’s Board of Commissioners Table is a commitment he vows to procure from day one;

+As County Commissioner, Carr seeks to collaborate with everyone in Hoke County– (Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the like) citizens, the press, business leaders, civic servants and nonprofits – to deliver quality goods for the community at large regardless of one’s social or ethnic status. He will have a strict open-door policy and invites the opportunity to connect with all constituents and collaborators to make these proposed policy and priorities changes a reality.


We Are The Change We Seek. Vote...

Lent Carr Will Fight for ALL of Hoke Undeterred as a Leader of Conscience and Strong Moral Fortitude for The People, by The People Unswayed by the Establishment nor the Powers that Be. 

The time has arrived for Hoke County to Persist The Will of The People and Resist the Autocratic Brand of Governance that has only produced the same inept results Election after Election. Vote Lent Carr Hoke County Commissioner 2024. "The Choice for the Better 'INCLUSIVE' Change."


Thanks for submitting!

Millennials and Gen Z for
Lent C. Carr, II Hoke County
Commissioner 2024!

We Mobilize as the Stakeholders of Hoke's Last Chance in Saving Our Democracy Debt Free from Out-of-control Pork-Spending Politicians Whose Only Vision is for Today and Yesteryear Long Gone. Our Future is at Stake-- Therefore We Vote for "Inclusive Change," We Vote for the Real Change Agent as Our Voice; Lent C. Carr for Hoke County Commissioner 2024!!!

This is Not a Mere Election This Cycle; This is a Movement for the Survival for ALL of Hoke and its Future Leaders--Gen Z.


The Campaign to Elect Lent C. Carr, II, Hoke County Commissioner 2024 Kicks Off

February 3, 2024

As an advocate for Social Justice, National President for The National Congressional Voting Caucus for Human Rights International Organization, Hoke County's Chapter President for Citizens for Community Action--Breaking the Chain Inc.; Ad-hoc formulation of "WeThe People Democratic Organization; 2023 Recipient of The "WeThePeople" Global Humanitarian Award; Three (3) time Recipient of The Prestigious United States “President’s ‘LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD’” as bestowed by The Honorable— President Barack Obama (2018); President Donald J. Trump (2021), and President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (2022), for his Lifetime altruistic Service in Humanitarianism and Volunteerism across The Nation— Dr. Lent Carr is also the proud Husband of Dr. Deltarina V. Carr, (a 2020 Hoke County School Board Candidate) Father of Seven (7) beautiful Children, and Grandfather of Ten (10) amazing Grandchildren; Senior Pastor of Emmaus Cathedral Church - Raeford NC, Certifying Agent/Organization for The United State's President's Volunteer Service "Lifetime Achievement" Awards, Americorp and The Points of Lights, and a successful Multifaceted Business Owner of Emmaus Corp. Embassy Enterprise Group, LLC of North Carolina, Risk Management Specialist, Domestic and Legal Research Analyst (for Attorneys), Grant Writer, Policy Composer, Freelance Investigative Journalist, and Financing & Business Consultant-- I have made economic development and luring new Businesses to Hoke County that will inevitably procure innovative Job growth, revenue and lower tax brackets a top priority as a laser focused human and physical infrastructure Candidate for Hoke County Commissioner.

If there’s anything I know, it Is the intricate nature of understanding Building infrastructure, Budgeting and Governance minus unnecessary red tape that causes potential Business Enterprise from shying away from overzealous and Out of touch law, policy and regulatory makers Who do not understand that over taxing and regulating prevents job growth, and inevitably prevents viable and sustainable attractions to a specific County.


It is vitally important that Hoke County improves its ability to attract and retain companies. This is done primarily by our making a commitment to keep moving toward lower taxes and our commitment to keeping Hoke County schools the very best in the State of North Carolina. Including Building a New and Improved State of the Art Traditional HIGH SCHOOL outside of its ill conceived addition to the already deteriorating Hoke High, and improving building maintenance of Hoke's Elementary and Middle Schools respectfully.


Due to anti-business policies of the state, it is harder and harder to attract businesses from other states to locate here. And yet Hoke County, through our sustained marketing efforts, have the Opportunity to see and attract businesses i.e., finałly bringing In our very own Mini-Mall, to start with along with other major Businesses to compliment our preexisting businesses that has served our County well for many years.


By doing so, Hoke County Will see an increase In revenue, happier citizens whose dollars Will be spent Herę In Hoke opposed to travels to neighboring counties and cities Who benefit economically off of dollars that could be spent at Home (Hoke County).


We also can look within the state to find companies that desire to be in this general area, but find a competitive advantage in Hoke due to our lower costs of land and operation, educated workforce and access to broadband. I strongly support good economic development and robust paying jobs for Hoke County, not to mention convenience for Hoke’s citizens and a luring attraction for all Business investors.

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Lent C. Carr, II for Hoke County Commissioner Speak to the Issues, priorities & proposed policies

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