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A Thank You Message From Team Lent Carr for Hoke County Commissioner — Christmas Was Bright for Many

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every volunteer and donor for your support of Committee to Elect Lent C. Carr, II for Hoke County Commissioner 2022, in spreading Christmas Cheer to over 500 deserving Hoke Countian Children, and Countless Families of our Great County with Food Boxes this Christmas !!! With your altruistic responses this made for a true Happy and Merry Christmas for our diverse Hoke County Family. Thank you!!!

There is never a day that goes by in which I do not think of the less fortunate of Hoke— especially amid Covid-19’s economic downturn right here in our own backyard. Nevertheless, when We as one collective Family pull together outside of our political affiliations, ideologies and convictions, this is proof that regardless of one being Democrat, (in which I am a lifelong and devout Progressive Democrat) Republican, Unaffiliated and in between— we can do amazing things when we come together as one big family unit!

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 to ALL and a Happy and prosperous New Year!

Your Hoke County Commissioner Change Candidate for “The Better Choice for Inclusive Change,”

Lent C Carr, II


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