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by Lent C. Carr, II, Candidate for Hoke County Commissioner 2022

Pictured from left to right— Dr. Lent C. Carr, II, (Wife) Dr. Deltarina V. Carr, and (Grandson) Isaiah O Carr, Jr. Photo Credit Emmaus Corp. Digital Media Production Co.

This is a critical moment for Hoke County citizens. We can choose to stay with the Status Quo, or we can become our own change agents.

Just having the honor and privilege to Campaign, Debate and Fight with every fiber of my being for the good People of Hoke County is not a fiduciary duty I take lightly. Thank you all for the chance to be a voice (The Voice) for all Hoke Countians as we seek to highlight and address every concern you each may have.

This is your opportunity to be heard FINALLY; what issues of concern would you like to have redressed as I Campaign and travel all across Hoke County enunciating your concerns, and work diligently with my Campaign’s focus Committee to draft solutions in preparation for the upcoming primary and with your support and Votes, the Mid-Term Election.

Wherefore, your concerns are my concerns regardless of party affiliation. The only way to bring wholeness to our Community is by listening to all spectrums of Hoke County’s concerns.

Therefore, I am asking all concerned citizens to please indicate in the comment section, inbox, Wix App Chat or simply by emailing your issue(S) privately to my direct attention at You may also utilize the Campaign’s secure Website Action form at Upon receipt thereof, I will personally communicate either an informed answer, or contact you one on one (confidentially) to explore the intricate nature of the subject-matter, and work with you to explore proposed policy as hopefully representing The People at their Board of County Commissioner’s table for Resolution.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, valued time, support and civic participation.

Your Humbled Servant,

Dr. Lent C. Carr, II

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