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Lent Carr for Hoke County Board of Commissioner’s Official Signing & Statement Pledge…

Lent C. Carr, II

“The Better Choice for Inclusive Change“

Today’s Official Signing for DEMOCRATIC Lent C. Carr, II for Hoke County Commissioner, was extremely emotional for me. Every stroke in which that ink pin dashed across the Signature Line of that sacred document was enormous in the weight of what I believe God has Called me for as a altruistic servant of His, and then to my fellow citizens (Family) of Hoke County, NC.

This document said to me what it should say to every Elected Leader, who has been blessed with such a fiduciary privilege and duty to carry out the will of The People, By The People and For The People— HUMANITY FIRST AND POLITICS LAST. Once Elected your Advocate County Commissioner, I vow to always put the welfare of The People first under the auspice of “Building Back Better” nothing less than focused human-infrastructure.

As a three (3) time United States’ “President ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’”recipient as bestowed by Presidents Barack Obama, Donald Trump & Joe Biden; Pastor; a Successful Multifaceted Business Owner; Social Justice Advocate; Risk Management Specialist; Lobbyis; Research & Policy Writer; Humanitarian; National President for The National Congressional Voting Caucus for Human Rights ; Chancellor of ECEI University, and Certifying Agent for The United States PVSA, AmeriCorp and Points of Light— I pledge to utilize every tool in my arsenal to produce a stronger and vibrant economy for ALL of Hoke and so much more.

Thank the many grassroots supporters who accompanied me today with such love. Now it’s time to get to work and roll up my sleeves and be that authentic voice for You The People with vigor and poise.

Yours In Service,

Lent C Carr

Candidate for Hoke County Commissioner 2022


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