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Written by Lent C. Carr for Hoke County Commissioner-- RAEFORD NC March 2. 2022

I just wanted to reach out to say thank you, Hoke County.

We’ve officially closed the books on February, and I’m proud to say team Hoke stepped up in an incredible way to help us finish strong and reach our goal.

Jaron, Sharaine, David, Anthony, Deltarina, Myra, Marie, Quintin, Alex, Michael, Hernandez, Sakora and I — and everyone here at Team Carr HQ — are filled with gratitude for your support. Campaigns like this are not easy, but together, we are proving every day that we have what it takes to win this Primary and Mid-Term Election races.

My mom raised me in a house steeped in faith over cynicism and hard work, and I know she’d be proud to see that we are living those values in this campaign. Because that’s really what it will take to pull this off — faith in our God ourselves and each other and a whole lot of hard work. I am pleased to announce to our fed up Hoke citizens who finally has a Voice in Lent C. Carr, II for Hoke County Commissioner (D) 2022, that by proxy of our two year advocating and Campaigning efforts for the Will of the People trailblazed and effectively forced the outdated incumbents to address as part of our political discourse— the building of a New Traditional High School; the opening of a Homeless Rehabilitation Shelter; hidden Tax hikes on Hoke; budgeting matters; Newly Formed Job Creations, and the REFERENDUM on this current Commission Board’s out of touch and shameful votes in Prioritizing and wasteful pork spending to build a $27 Million Dollars Acquatic (swimming pool) over a much needed priority of a new Traditional High School, Homeless Shelter, and long overdue Courthouse where a Tree had grown in the bottom of it and snakes and rodents took up residence. We’ve got this far Hoke, now we must register to vote on or before April 18, 2022, get out to vote during our Early One Stop Voting Cycle which begins April 28 at 8am, and ends May 14 at 3pm. In the event you miss early voting— please be sure to get to the polls for The Primary Election on May 17, 2022! Polls open from 6:30am - 7:30pm. Let’s close the deal for the survival of our Beloved County, transparency, accountability, integrity, accessibility and We The People; for The People and by The People.

I’m committed to doing the hard work – and I have nothing but faith in what we can accomplish if we work together.

Thank you again, and let’s keep it up. We all know how high the stakes are this year for Hoke County, and we must do everything we can to reclaim our voices and take back our County Commission Board seats from autocratic and self-serving politicians who have reigned and made dubious decisions that has affected the whole of us unchecked for well over 30 years during the primaries and mid-term election.

For additional information on registering to vote or other elections questions, contact the Hoke County Board of Elections Office at (910)-875-9062, or visit


Contact HQ for Lent Carr for Hoke County Commissioner: 910-683-0001

Email Us:

Yours In Service,


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