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There’s no time to play politics:

* Our democracy is very fragile

* We’re still fighting against COVID-19 whereby Hoke Countians and others in our vast Country are dying

*Hoke Countians Need High Paying Living Wage Jobs and New Businesses Formation luring NOW

* Working families need their respective Families to know that they have Job Security w/benefits

* Voting Rights are under attack

*Homeless Hoke Countians (including Homeless Veterans) need to know Hoke Cares and does not Judge

*A Growing Hoke County, and the ONLY HIGH SCHOOL that’s already Overcrowded—Hoke High School Needs Repairing; and in conjunction we mustn’t hamper our increasing Student population from the benefits of Building a New Traditional High School by settling to patch and bandage a mold and leaking High School that was abandoned years ago

*Forge forward with an alternative SHOVEL READY TAXI CAB SERVICE transportation solution (Alternative Transportation that Will Not Cost Taxpayers 1 cent!)— combating the many failures of the HATS SHUTTLE BUS transit unchecked, while implementing a comprehensive oversight to improve HATS TRANSIT

*Overhaul the entire Hoke County Tax Office, and modernizing it to that of like Counties within North Carolina’s 100 County domiciles

*Clean up Hoke’s current County Commissioner’s aristocracy brand of governance— lacking accountability, accessibility, transparency and integrity that has reigned for over 30 years, and by virtue of the Citizen’s VOTES in historical mass, must come to a resounding and speedy halt this Election Cycle

And there’s more!

My name is Lent C Carr. I am running for Hoke County Commissioner 2022 to make a difference for all Hoke Countians. There’s NO more time for enslavement politics!

Visit my website

to see what WE THE OUTRAGED CITIZENS are fighting for!! This is our moment! This is our time! And this is our civic duty as the Stakeholders granted by The Constitution of The United States and North Carolina.

Lent C. Carr, II for Hoke County Commissioner

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