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Growing the economy beyond federal dollars received for Covid-19’s devastations, and being held in coffers by the current County Commission as a charade of surplus and capital outlay must be exposed and changed for a stronger bottom line for Hoke County. Parading federally granted dollars as the Commission is not only absurd, but is an insult to every Taxpayer in Hor County. Each of NC’s 100 Counties are mandated by North Carolina General Statutes to be kept in reserve anyway. Lent C. Carr, II for Hoke County Commissioner believes if we can change the borrow from Peter to Pay Paul governance, such a shift will inevitably will work for all Hoke Countians— but our thought processing from the old way of doing The People’s Businesses would mean investing in job training, job creation and apprenticeship programs, and I, Lent C. Carr, II for Hoke County Commissioner will fight to expand funding for theses priorities when I’m Elect me to finally get the job done at The People’s County Commissioner’s Table.

Today I’m highlighting just a few of NC’s great programs that support workers as they find stable, good-paying jobs. I wish I could direct our citizens to such Jobs whereas for over 30 years the past and current Commission Board had failed to lure such Businesses to our County. Nonetheless we will highlight what limited resources we can until you, The People have spoken and voted your choice for growth— the People’s Choice, Lent C Carr for Hoke County Commissioner.

Code The Dream provides free software development trainings in RTP (and virtual classes) to help North Carolinians explore new careers in STEM.

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