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Don’t Let Anyone’s Criticism or Judgment Define Who You Are— “The Truth Shall Set You Free”

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Video Credit is Attributed by The National Congressional Voting Caucus for Human Rights Organization — Recorded/Produced 2017

“There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz

Lent C. Carr, II, Speaks at Rockfish Community Candiate’s Meet & Greet Meeting 01/20/2022—

Photo Credit Emmaus Corp. Digital and Production Co. Raeford News Journal’s Report and details of Dr. Lent C. Carr’s Ultimate Dismissal of Hoke County’s Malicious Prosecutorial Charges (PDF & JPEG Versions):

Hoke County District Attorney’s Office Dismissal of All Charges Indicted Prior to Case Going to Trial— Lent Carr Exonerated of ALL False Charges & Allegations Theretofor. (PDF & JPEG Versions):

Carr Dismissal
Download PDF • 71KB

I was a skinny, semi-shy little boy who was attached to my mom’s hips and proud Mama’s boy growing up in the confines of humble beginnings in a place termed Hopkins Project “Guetto.” A place in which crime, death, lack of health care and racial, educational and economic disparities were the norm. But through the strength of my Mother (RIH), Thelma Carr, I was taught to never give up the fight to better your life’s story, and those whom God has placed in your path to uplift. She was my protector and served as a source of unconditional love.

As I left my mom’s side and went off to school, I encountered many new faces that introduced me to criticism and judgment.