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Taxes and Spending

In today’s struggling economy by reason of Covid-19 and inept Leadership to Govern Taxpayers Dollars wisely on emergent crisis here in Hoke County---when families are worried about their future and overall health---cutting wasteful spending and keeping our taxes low will be a top priority for me as your Candidate of Change. Hoke County Commissioner Hopeful, Lent Carr has developed working proposals to cut spending where needed in our County's Government, and has addressed tough budget challenges therein. Once Elected he plans to introduce these doable proposals as part of his overall budget revitalization initiative. I believe that when Americans has been forced to tighten their belts financially, their Government(S), Nationally and Locally, should lead by example. Otherwise it is The People's civic duty to oust such inconsiderate Elected persons without fail as stakeholders of their respective investments. We do not need nor shall We The People be handled any longer by the ever present Election Cycle chicken plates, prize giveaways, and stump speeches that promises to deliver The Will of We The People, only to post Election beg, bow and be refused by Autocratic king-like representatives who do not represent Hoke citizenry's interest to compensate a small handful of elitte's agendas over the masses'. This is why I believe Term Limits are essential to weed out corruption and Aristocracy. But most importantly, this is why every eligible Registered Voter must get out to Vote and let your voices be heard over charismatic oil slicking tongues of yesteryear.

"When the elite rule, the People suffers. But Bless God for Choices--for when the People rule The People Prosper."

~Dr. Lent C. Carr, II

All Rights Reserved by: Committee to Elect Lent Carr Hoke County Commissioner 2022

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Myra Mckoy
Myra Mckoy
May 13, 2021

Get out and vote for Dr Lent C Carr, ll for Hoke County Commissioner. By Who will help the people by the people. You will see change for success for everyone. Everybody is somebody no respect person. He will better the Community in victory.

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